Welfare Committees

Anti-Ragging Committee

NameDesignationPhone no.Email
Dr. A. Jesudoss, Dean & Chairperson9443155513[email protected]
Dr. P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian,Professor of General Medicine, Vice Principal & Convener9486258115[email protected]
Dr. N. Balasubramanian, Prof. of Dermatology9842403737[email protected]
Dr. S. D. Nalinakumari,Prof. and HOD of Anatomy 9446050267
[email protected]
Dr. T. Natraj, Asso.Prof. of General Surgery 9443930586[email protected]
Dr. D. Saminathan, Prof. and HOD of Paediatrics 9443401736[email protected]
Dr. M. Muhil, Asso.Prof. of Physiology 9443064733[email protected]
Dr. S. Sivaraman, Asso. Prof. of Psychiatry 9790482072[email protected]
Local Body
Mr. Karthik
Irungalur VAO
Mr. R. Palanikumar
Ms. S. Lakshmi
Ms. P. Akshara
Mr. M. Nagendhira Raju
Mr. M. Mikun
Ms. Anju Joy
Students Representative

Disciplinary Committee

 Name &DesignationMobile No
ChairpersonDr. N. Balasubramanian, Professor and HOD of Dermatology 9842403737
MembersDr.P.Karthick, Professor and HOD of General Surgery 9443637478
MembersDr.S.D.Nalinakumari, Professor and HOD of Anatomy 9446050267
MembersDr.G.Prabakaran, Professor and HOD of
MembersDr.A.Uma, Professor and HOD of Microbiology 9442179318
MembersMedical Superintendent9443064727

Gender Harassment Committee

S. No.NameDesignationDepartmentMobile number
3Dr.P.KarthikMemberGeneral Surgery9443637478
5Ms. C. Selva Sahaya Mary,
Addnl. Nursing Superintendent
6Ms., D. Mithra Devi
Library Committee
Ex Officio Chairperson
Dr.A.Jesudoss, Dean
Member SecretaryP.Thirumalaikolunubramanian Professor of Medicine
Professor of Radiology
Professor of Community Medicine
Professor of Pathology
Professor of General Surgery
Asso. Professor of General Medicine
6.Mr.B.Sasi KumarChief Librarian

Literary & Extra-curricular Committee

Dr.R.Shivakumar,MD,Ph.D.,- Chairman,SRM Trichy & Ramapuram campusPatron-
Dr.Sukumaran Annamalai - DeanEx- Officio President-
Dr.V.Duraisamy, ProfessorEx- Officio - Vice President-
Dr. N.Balasubramanian, Prof.& HOD of Dermatology and Deputy DirectorChief Staff Advisor (Fine Arts)Dermatology
Dr. A.Jesudoss, Prof.& HOD of ENTChief Staff Advisor(Tamil Mandram)ENT
Dr. P.Karthick, Professor of SurgeryStaff Advisor(Fine Arts)
Dr.N.Prabhu SaranCo ordinator (Quiz Programme)Research Board
G.Sanjeev - SecretaryM.Deepthita - Associate SecretarySecretaries-
Mr.D.PerumalExecutive Members-
Ms.R.R.SharumathiExecutive Members-
Mr.A.PaulExecutive Members-
Ms.E.CharumathiExecutive Members-
Mr.Genickson JeyarajExecutive Members-
Ms.Tahera KumarExecutive Members-

Sports Council

Dr.R.Shivakumar, MD, Ph.D., - Chairman,SRM Trichy & Ramapuram campusPatron-
Dr.Sukumaran Annamalai,M.D,D.H.H.M.,- DeanEx- Officio President-
Dr.Gurudatta S Pawar - Vice PrincipalEx- Officio - Vice PresidentForensic Medicine & Toxicology
Dr.Gnanasekaran, Prof. of MedicineChief Staff AdvisorGeneral Medicine
Dr. Guru T Arun, Asst. Prof, - Department of RadiologyStaff AdvisorRadiology
Dr.L.Manivanan,Ph.d.,Head in Physical Education-
Sports Secretary (Mr.V.Deepak Justin)Associate Sports Secretary (Ms.S.Preethi)Member Secretaries-

Fine Arts and Tamil Mandram Council

Patron                                    :     Dr. R. Shivakumar,M.D.,Ph.D., Chairman

Chair Person                        :    Dr. A. Jesudoss. Dean

Ex. Officio – Vice Person  :    Dr. S. Revwathy Medical Superintendent

Chief Staff Advisors (Fine Arts)   

Dr. N. Balasubramanian Prof. & HOD of  Dermatology

Chief Staff Advisors (Tamil Mandram)    :    Dr.Gunasekaran, Professor,  Department of Paediatrics

Staff Advisor (Fine Arts)         :  Dr. P .Karthick Prof. & HOD Of Surgery

Secretaries (Students)           :   1.Mr.K.Karthkeyan (III Year)

2.Ms.S.Karpagarajjee (III Year)

Executive Members(Students) :  1.Mr.S.Vignesh (III Year)

  1. Mr.M.Elanthamizhan (III Year)
  2. Ms.S.Reena (III Year)
  3. Ms.Athisha (III Year)
  4. Meenakshi Pradeep (III Year)


  • Council is responsible for organizing College Cultural Meet, Inter Medical Cultural Meet, Inter Collegiate Cultural and Fine Arts and Tamil Mandaram Meet Quiz Programmes, etc.,
  • Council will decide on participation of Students in Cultural, Fine Arts, quiz meet conducted by other institutions.
  • Council is responsible for submitting proposals for purchase of materials, goods and other accessories for cultural and fine arts functions.
  • Council will constitute sub committees for conducting college cultural meet and other inter collegiate cultural meet.
  • Council will submit tentative budget estimate as and required for the Dean.


  • Council is responsible for submitting expenditure statement, bills and voucher to the administration after all functions and after an internal audit and submit the details to the dean.
  • All invitations will forward to the chief staff advisor who in turn with the consultation of council will take decision and forwarded to Dean with remarks/recommendations.

Parents Teachers Association for 2018-19

  1. Chairperson –       Dean
  2. Vice Chairperson –       Vice Principal
  3. Secretary –       D.Muthamilselvan
  4. Treasurer –       S.Gopalakrishnan


Members – Teachers:

  1. Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomy
  2. Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology
  3. Professor and Head of the Department of ENT
  4. Professor and Head of the Department of General Medicine
  5. Professor and Head of the Department of General Surgery


Members – Parent of Students (year wise):

  1. Balaji-I MBBS father of Srisankari B
  2. Pasupathy-II MBBS father of S.P. Asha
  3. Supraja-II MBBS mother of Dhohithya S
  4. Arumugam-Final MBBS Part -2 father of Yogamanikandan A
  5. Thamaraiselvi- CRRI mother of Kishore S

Youth Red Cross


Youth Red Cross Society of TSRMMCH&RC is reconstituted with the following members for the academic year 2018-2019.


Patron                            Dr.R.Shivakumar, MD, Ph.D., –   Chairman,

                                              SRM Trichy & Ramapuram campus


Chair Person                  :  Dr. A. Jesudoss, Dean

Advisory Board              :  Dr.Thirumalaikolundusubramanian-Vice Principal

Dr.P.Karthick, Prof. and HOD of Surgery

Staff Advisors                 : Dr.K.Sivakumar, Prof. of Medicine

Coordinator                    : Dr.A.Anupriya, Asso. Prof. of Microbiology

Dr.S.Shankar, Asst. Prof. of Community Medicine

Dr.A.Dominic Infant Raj, Asst. Prof. of Forensic Medicine

Dr.A.Sundararajan, Research Faculty

Programme Officer          : Mr.L.Manivannan, Physical Director

Treasurer                              : Mr.B.Karthik Kumar, Senior Finance Manager

Student Body :

Chairman                            : Mr. R.Sunilkumar, III MBBS Part-1

Secretary                              : Ms. Harikeerthana, III MBBS Part-1

Treasurer                            : Mr. Simel Thomas Koshy, III MBBS Part-1

The committee should meet monthly once to plan for:-

  • The promotion of health.
  • Health activities, HIV and AIDS campaigns, accident prevention and first aid.
  • Service to the community.
  • Community based social welfare activities, environmental activities, disaster preparedness programme.
  • Informing Youth members and others the role and the responsibilities of the Red Cross and encourage them to contribute.