School Camp

Today school health screening program held at sri sai vidyalaya primary & nursery school samayapuram. Dr. G. Sathiya, and Dr. Bethu barani who obviously led the whole program along with 25,6th semester students and Crris namely, Dr. Satha sivam, Dr. Harish, Dr. Hemasri and Dr. Hemalatha.
The program started by 9.30am after the felicitation adress by Mr. Rajasekar, correspondent of that school. 6th semester,25 students were divided into 3 groups where each group did examining those children sitting in a separated spot outside the school block. They did head to foot examination, starting from heights &weight examination, eyes, teeth, skin, hair, ear, nails, nose, neck, posture everything in order to find out if any illness which disturbs  children and have to do submit a through check of those children.
The program held at the entrance permise of the school where we found no problem of ventilation, air, by sitting under 🌳trees of the cleansed environment. Each class teacher obviously arranged  those class children one after other for screening towards the examination spot. There were altogether 7class including kindergarten children. We just left those kindergartens for physical screenings that they aren’t smart enough to respond the doctors and we just consider only “one to fifth” students for our survey .
 certain children among them found with animia,teeth cavity,ear wax, scalped hair and skin issues  were conveyed to that headmistress Mrs. Suseela to inform their concern parents as early as possible to consult a physician so that they can avoid certain problems earlier.
So how ever, we finally completed the program by 12.30pm with the great support of Mrs. Suseela rajasekar HM, she helped a lot for us to do that program starting from permission,material arrangements, staff arrangements ect.
All staffs also has obviously supported the program completing it  without a delay.
Finally by 1.30 we just came out of the permise.

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