Quality Control Committees

Hospital Acquired Infection Control Committee and Biomedical Waste Management Meeting


    Fourth Thursday of every month


 Hospital Board Room


 12.00 to 1.00 PM

Hospital Infection Control committee

( Biomedical Waste Management )

PatronDr. R. Shivakumar, Chairman
Ex- Officio President Dr. A. Jesudoss, Dean
Ex- Officio - Vice PresidentDr. S. Revwathy, Medical Superintendent
Member Secretary Dr. A. Uma, Prof. & HOD of Microbiology
HAIC OfficerDr. Diego Edwin Asst. Prof. of Microbiology
Infection Control NursesMrs. J. Jeyaseeli Malliga, ANS
Mrs. S. Sumathi, Casualty & All OPD
Mrs. V. Nagavalli, ICU Complex & Dialysis
Miss. S. Nirmala, All Operation Theatre
Mrs. K. Christy Priya, 1st Floor
Mrs. P. Pitchaimani, 2nd Floor & Post Operative Ward
Mrs. A. Valantine Jancy Rani, 3rd Floor & Special Ward
Biomedical Waste Management OfficerDr. G. Vazhandal, Asso. Professor of Microbiology
Environmental Surveillance
Officer Members
Dr. J. Lalithambigai Asst. Professor of Microbiology
HOD’s of All Clinical Department & Specialty
Dr. R. Kirubakaran Central Sterile Supply Department incharge
Dr. A.Velayutharaj, NABH Coordinator
Dr. M. Poonkothai, RMO, Linen & Laundry
Mr. K. Madhavan, Engineering Representatives
Mr. G.K. Neelakandan, Pharmacy Incharge
Mr. P. Chandrasekar, Health Educator
Mr. S. Chokalingam, House Keeping Manager
Mr. David, Kitchen Incharge
Mr. Gopalakrishnan Accreditation Group Incharge

Post Graduate Curriculum Committee

S.No.Faculty nameDesignationPosition
1Dr.Nachal Annamalai Professor of Physiology Chairperson
2Dr.G. Vazhavandal Associate Professor Member Secretary
3Dr. M.MuhilCoordinator of Medical Education Unit Member
4Dr.N.BalasubramanianProf. of Dermatology Prof. of AnatomyMember
5Dr. Kalavathy Ponniraivan Prof. of BiochemistryMember
6Dr. S.D. Nalinakumari Prof. of Anatomy Member
7Dr. R. Pramila Prof.of Pathology Member
8Dr.S.M. Kalamani Prof.of Obstetrics & GynecologyMember
9Dr.C. AshokkumarProf, of General Medicine Member
10Dr. D. Saminathan Prof. of Pediatrics Member
11Dr. P. Karthick Prof.of General Surgery Member

Under Graduate Curriculam Comitte

Faculty nameDesignationPosition
1Dr. P. KarthickProfessor and HOD of General SurgeryCoordinator
2Dr. Ramchandra GoyalProfessor and HOD of Community MedicineMember
3Dr. K. Ambedkar RajProfessor of PathologyMember
4Dr. Umapathy SembianAssociate Professor of AnatomyMember
5Dr. R. ThamaraiAssociate Professor of BiochemistryMember
6Dr. S. Bharathi Associate Professor of Pediatrics Member
7Dr. B. JenithaAssociate Professor of Obstetrics & GynecologyMember
8Dr. M. Vijay KumarAssistant Professor of ENTMember
9Registrar of Departments of General Surgery / General Medicine / Pediatrics / Psychiatry / Orthopedics / Radiodiagnosis / TB & Chest / Dermatology / Anesthesia / Obstetrics & Gynaecology / Ophthalmology / ENT / Dentistry / Pharmacology / physiology / Forensic Medicine / MicrobiologyMembers
Pharmacovigilance Committee meeting


    Second Thursday of every month


Hospital Board Room


 12.00 to 1.00 PM

Pharmacovigilance Committee

S.NO Category Name and Designation


1 Patron Dr.R.Shivakumar, Chairman


2 Chairperson Dr.A. Jesudoss, MS, DLO.,


3 Co-ordinator Dr.K.Vasanthira., MD.,

Professor & HOD of Pharmacology

4 Investigator Dr.P.ThirumalaikolundusubramanianMD

Professor  of General Medicine & Vice Principal

5 Member Secretary Dr.K.Kanagasanthosh., M.D., DNB.

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

6 PV Notifier Dr.T.Nivethitha, MD.,

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology



  1. N.Balasubramanian – Prof. & Head of Dermatology & Deputy Director Campus
  2. S.Revwathy – Prof. of OBG & Medical Superintendent
  3. P.Karthick – Prof. & Head of General Surgery & Addnl. Medical Superintendent
  4. HOD’s of All Para Clinical, Clinical Departments & Super Specialty Departments
  5. M.Poonkothai – Resident Medical officer
  6. S.Nalina Kumari – VP Allied Health Sciences
  7. A.Velayutharaj, NABH Coordinator
  8. Prabhu – Medical officer i/c Casualty
  9. C. Selvasahayamary – Additional Nursing Superintendent
  10. G.K.Neelakandan – Chief Pharmacist

Aim and Objectives:

  • To detect and document drug reaction among outpatient and hospitalized patients.
  • To identify quickly so as to avoid important or serious reaction.
  • To find out the pattern of drug reaction for commonly prescribing drugs.
  • To analyze the data for teaching & training purpose.
  • To undertake research works related to Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR).
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Transfusion Committee

The Transfusion Committee of our hospital is reconstituted with the following members.

  1. Ex Officio Chairman – Dean
  2. President – Medical Superintendent
  3. Secretary – Dr.V.Sarada, Prof. of Pathology
  4. Member Secretary – Dr.Vasudevan – Blood Bank Medical Officer



  1. Professor and Head, Department of General Medicine
  2. Professor and Head, Department of General Surgery
  3. Professor and Head, Department of Orthopedics
  4. Professor and Head, Department of OBG
  5. Professor and Head, Department of Neurosurgery
  6. Asst. Professor and Head, Department of Nephrology
  7. Professor and Head, Department of Chest & TB
  8. Professor and Head, Department of Pediatrics
  9. Professor and Head, Department of Neurosurgery
  10. Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology
  11. Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology
  12. NABH Coordinator
  13. Resident Medical Officer
  14. Blood Bank Medical Officer – 2
  15. Nursing Superintendent

RNTCP Core Committee

S.No. Name & Designation Mobile No E-Mail ID
1 Dr.A.Jesudoss,

Chairperson & Dean

[email protected]
2 Dr. Savithiri,
Convener & Deputy Director of Medical Service (T.B)

[email protected]

s3 Dr.S. Revwathy,

Medical Superintendent  & Coordinator

9443241424 [email protected]
4 Dr.D.Ashok Kumar,

Secretary & Prof. & Head, Thoracic Medicine

9047919800 [email protected]
5 Dr. Ramchandra Goyal,

Member and Prof.& Head of Community Medicine

9975768512 [email protected]
   6 Dr.C.Ashok Kumar,
Member, Prof. & Head of General Medicine
9363003807 [email protected]
   7 Dr.P.Karthick,
Member, Prof. & Head of Surgery
9443837478 [email protected]
   8 Dr. Pramila,
Member, Prof. & Head of Pathology
9842434563 [email protected]
   9 Dr.D.Saminathan,
Member, Prof. & Head of Pediatrics
9443401736 [email protected]
  10 Dr.A.Uma,
Member,Prof. & Head of Microbiology
9443064727 [email protected]
  11 Dr.Selvaraj, Nodal officer and Asst.Prof.of Thoracic Medicine, Dept. of Thoracic Medicine. 7704085953 [email protected]

Student's Council

S.NoDesignationName & Department
1President Mr.R.Palanikumar (final year)
2Vice PresidentMs. Tahera Kumar(Final year)
3General Secretary Mr.VR Thiagarajan (final year)
4Joint SecretaryMs. A Ompriya (final year)
5Secretary – FinanceMr.R.Genickon Jeyaraj (final year)
6Joint Secretary – Finance Ms.T.Dev Abinaya (Prefinal year)
7Secretary – CulturalMr.M Ramkumar (Final year)
8Joint Secretary – CulturalMs.M S Aswitha Priya (Final year)
9Secretary – Sports Mr.S.R.Vinnith (final year)
10Joint Secretary – SportsMs.S.Lakshmi (final year)
11Secretary – Food and AccomodationMs.S.J.Premika Pre final year)
12Joint Secretary – Food and AccomodationMr.M.Nagendhira Raju (II year)
13Secretary – Tamil Mandram Mr.R. Lenin(final year)
14Joint Secretary – Tamil Mandram Ms.A.Madurambigai(final year)
15Staff Advisor1. Dr.Umapathy Sembian
2. Dr. G.Bala Maddaleti
3. Dr.Dhivya Sethuraman
DesignationName and Affiliation
ChairpersonDr. Sukumaran Annamalai, Dean
Vice ChairpersonDr. Gurudatta S. Pawar, Vice Principal
Member SecretaryDr. P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, Head of IRB and Professor of Medicine
CoordinatorDr. G.Vazhavandal, Associate Professor of Microbiology
MembersMr. M. Ismail, Research Coordinator and Research Faculty
Dr. T.S. Gugapriya, Associate Professor of Anatomy
Dr. K.Hemalath, Assistant Professor of Community Medicine
Dr. S. Priya Banthavi, Associate Professor of Pathology
Dr. V. Duraisamy, Professor of Medicine
Dr. S.Vijayarangan, Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Mr. N. Senthilkumar, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, TRP Engineering College
Dr. T. Sankar, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, TRP Engineering College
Legal AdvisorMr. L. Krishnasamy, Advocate, No. 22, Ramalinga Nagar, Triuchirapalli
Biomedical EngineerMr. . Dilipan, CMCH&RC
Layman/ Community RepresentativeMr. Ramamoorthy, No.1 Tolgate, Trihcy.
Ex- Officio President Dr. A. Jesudoss, Dean
Ex- Officio – Vice President Medical Superintendent
Chairperson Dr. A. Uma, Prof. & HOD of Microbiology, Clinical Microbiologist
Mordenator Dr. Vasinthra Prof. & HOD of Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacologist

Coordinators Dr. Diego Edwin, Asst. Prof. of Microbiology

HAICC Officer

Members Prof. & Head of all the Clinical & Specialty Depts.