About Us

     Department of physiology was established in 2008 and started functioning with the student admission in 2009.The department has adequate staff and facilities according to MCI to cater to the needs of the student in imparting knowledge and skills to become a basic doctor. The department was upgraded with faculty registering for Ph.D. under SRM University in 2011. So far four faculties have registered and two are in near completion. The department was further elevated as PG department in the year 2013 with permission to admit three PG students per year. PG degree got recognized in 2016. In co-ordination with Para-clinical and Clinical departments, vertical and horizontal integrated teaching programs are organized for UG and PG.

There are four labs to demonstrate and teach basic skills for Under Graduates. They are

  1. Hematology lab,
  2. Clinical lab,
  3. Amphibian and
  4. Mammalian labs.

      Department has facilities for research in exercise physiology, autonomic functions (HRV), Pulmonary Function Tests, Nerve Conduction Studies, Evoked Potential and Yoga. Yoga lab with trained instructors is made available for the use of students, faculties and patients.


  1. To teach the students physiological basis of medicine and assess their knowledge and skills on the same, periodically by formative and summative assessments.
  2. To impart training to the students in basic clinical examination and laboratory investigations on normal individuals and assess them by periodical formative and summative assessments.
  3. To ensure that every student meets the attendance of 95%.
  4. To increase the pass percentage of the students from 95% in 2018 to 100% by the year 2019.
  5. To increase the number of students scoring Honours from 02 to 05 by the year 2019.
  6. To increase the number of students scoring Distinction from 07 in 2018 to 15 by the year 2019.
  7. To continue mentor – mentee program for the welfare of I MBBS students (2018-2019).
  8. To encourage Under-graduate students to qualify for National Level Olympiad Quiz conducted by Elsevier.
  9. To shape our postgraduates to become a better teacher and to be able to plan and conduct basic research efficiently.
  10. To maintain the pass percentage as 100 % in MD university examinations.
  11. To promote postgraduates to publish at least two scientific papers by each during their study course and to present one poster/oral presentation in the national conferences.
  12. To educate postgraduates to critically evaluate the impact of recent information on the genesis of current concepts related to various topics of Physiology.
  13. To conduct Integrated Seminar program for Under-graduates & Post- Graduates.
  14. To promote a minimum of four undergraduate student research Proposal (ICMR) per year by all faculty of department.
  15. To present a minimum of two research papers by each faculty per year.
  16. To organize minimum one CME program & two Guest Lectures.

Message from HOD

     Physiology is the investigations of how organisms work. It requires the integration of knowledge gained from multidisciplinary approaches to the discovery of new information at the molecular, systems and particularly whole animal level. The essence of research and teaching in Physiology requires an enquiring mind anchored on a global and integrative perspective to the understanding of how things work in a living organism.

      We are committed to help equip and infuse in our students a life-long love for learning, the excitement of discovery and a keen sense of curiosity about the chemical, physical and biological functions of life. We with our heart and soul train and shape our Postgraduates students to become an efficient teacher for next generation. Emphasis is paid on problem based teaching methodologies empowered with Evidence Based principles to practice.  In research, we work towards being a leading department where we aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of scientific and medical knowledge