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The Pharmacovigilance cell was established in the year 2010 under the guidance of Dr.S.Manickavasagam, Professor and HOD, an academician with more than 3 decades of experience in the field of Pharmacology. Since then, the cell has been actively functioning, with the coordination from various clinical departments. The adverse drug reactions reported are collected, assessed for causality and is reported to the Regional Pharmacovigilance Center (JIPMER, Puducherry). Upto 50 Adverse drug reactions have been reported so far. The reporting fraternity are sensitized by frequent orientation programmes, which are conducted to promote spontaneous reporting, and to create awareness about the importance of reporting Adverse Drug Reactions.

Aim and Objectives

  • To detect and document drug reaction among outpatient and hospitalized patients.
  • To identify quickly so as to avoid important or serious reaction.
  • To find out the pattern of drug reaction for commonly prescribing drugs.
  • To analyse the data for teaching & training purpose.
  • To undertake research works related to Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR).
  • To sensitize the Practitioners and other health care personnel including nurses
  • To inform concerned authorities.
  • To share the information locally and globally.

Office Bearers

S.NO Category Name and Designation
1 Chairperson Dr.Sukumaran Annamalai, MD., Dean ,
2 Co-ordinator Dr.K.Vasanthira., MD.,

Professor & HOD of Pharmacology

3 Investigator Dr.P.Thirumalaikolundusubramanian

Professor of General Medicine

4 Secretary Dr.K.Kanagasanthosh.,M.D.,

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

5 Notifier Dr.T.Nivethitha,MD.,

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology


S.No Members S.No Members
1 Dr.P.Anusuya – Medical Superintendent 8 Dr.G.Prabaharan-Professor and HOD Psychiatry
2 Dr.P.Gnanasekaran – Professor and HOD General Medicine 9 Dr.T.K.Seethadevi – Associate Professor and HOD i/c Anaesthesiology
3 Dr.P.Karthick – Professor and HOD General Surgery 10 Dr.S.Elango – Professor and HOD Community Medicine
4 Dr.S.M.Kalamani – Professor and HOD  OBG 11 Medical officer i/c Casualty Dr.Prabhu
5 Dr.D.Saminathan – Professor and HOD Paediatrics 12 Dr.K.Poonkothai – Resident Medical officer
6 Dr. A.Navaneethan-Professor and HOD Ortho 13 Mrs.Saraswathy – Nursing Superintendent
7 Dr.N.Balasubramanian – Professor and HOD Dermatology 14 Chief Pharmacist :- Mr. Neelakandan

Pharmacovigilance Orientation Programme Organized

(For CRRI’s , Junior Residents and Staff Nurses)
Venue: Demo room – Department of Pharmacology
S.No. Date Total number of Staff Nurse Faculty Incharge
1 09.08.16 50 Dr.K.Kanagasanthosh
2 16.08.16 50 Dr.P.Revathi
3 23.08.16 50 Dr.T.Nivethitha
4 30.08.16 50 Dr.Santhosh Kandaiah
5 06.09.16 50 Dr.M.Ranjith Kumar
6 13.09.16 50 Dr.Anu
7 20.09.16 50 Dr.K.Kanagasanthosh
8 27.09.16 50 Dr.P.Revathi
9 04.10.16 50 Dr.T.Nivethitha
10 18.10.16 50 Dr.Santhosh Kandaiah


S.No. Date Total number of CRRI / JR Faculty Incharge
1 06.09.2016 78 Dr.K.Kanagasanthosh
2 09.09.2016 79 Dr.T.Nivethitha
3 15.09.2016 50 Dr.P.Revathi
4 24.01.2017 40 Dr.K.Kanagasanthosh

Drug Information Centre (Dic)

          The Drug Information Centre (DIC) was established in 2016 with the primary objective of addressing and clarifying the queries raised both by the patients and by the prescribing physicians about the various modalities involved in drug administration. The center functions on all working days and is under the in charge of a medical officer. The information collected is maintained in a register, and is reviewed by the department on weekly and monthly basis. The data collected from DIC is used for academic purpose. A total of 50 queries have been registered to the DIC so far.

IAEC Members

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Pharmacovigilance Members