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  2. Role of Pulse oximetry in screening Newborn for Congenital Heart Disease at 1 hour and 24 hours after birth

Authors: Bharathi Senthilvelan,

Co- Authors: Harini Gopalakrishnan,     Sellaraman Subramanian, Padmapriya siva*,

Published in International Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics /April – June 2016/Vol3/Issue2     Page 631

  1. Effects of Montelukast as monotherapy in mild persistent asthma

Authors:  Bharathi Senthilvelan* Harini Gopalakrishnan, Muthukumar Kunchithapatham

Published in International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences/December 2015/Vol3/Issue12, Page 387


  1. Clinical Profile and outcome of Scorpion sting in children between 1- 12 years of

age admitted in a tertiary care hospital

Authors: D.Saminathan, A.Thangavel, K.Balaji,Harshitha C. Mouli

Published in J of evolution of Med and Dent Sci/elSSN-2278-4802,pIssN2278-4748/Issue44/June 01,2015  Page7597


  1. Pattern of babies with congenital malformations admitted in a tertiary newborn care unit

Author: D.Saminathan, B.Mythili,Sirajuddin Nazeer,Geetha Manivannan

Published in J of Evolution of Med and Dent sci/eISSN-2278-4748/Vol4/Issue36/May04, 2015, Page 6167


  1. A study of Incidence and Risk Factors of Retinopathy of Prematurity in Preterm infants

Author: D.Saminathan, Mythili, K.Senthilkumar, E.Sengodi

Published in J of Evolution of Med and Dent Sci/eSSN /-2278-4802, PISSN-2278-4748/Vol .4/Issue 35/Apr30, 2015 Page 5995

  1. Incidence, mortality pattern, and outcome of low birth weight babies admitted in a rural tertiary care center: a retrospective study.

Author: D.saminathan,B.Mythili, E.Ramesh, Ann Mary Zacharias

Published in International Journal of Scientific Study/July 2016/Vol 4/ Issue 4


  1. A cross sectional descriptive study of nutritional status and distribution of common illnesses among school going children of age 5-10 years in a rural primary school in Trichy district, Tamil Nadu.

Author: D.Saminathan  D.Prabhakar, K.shyamala

Published in J. Evolution Med Dent Sci/eISSN 2278-4802, PISSN 2278-4748/Vol.6/Issue54/July 06, 2017]

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