About Us

1. Aim / goal of the Department:

The Department of Pathology takes utmost care to provide diagnostic services to patients and conduct educational activities for professionals in order to update their knowledge and skills.

To provide a broad based teaching programme encompassing the areas of anatomic, clinical, experimental as well as community based knowledge in pathology at all levels.

To give appropriate training to the team and encourage them to participate in various continuing medical education programmes, thereby developing interpersonal and communication skills resulting in effective information exchange amongst the team of learners and facilitators.

To understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of diseases and applying this knowledge to medical practice to keep us up to date with the latest and current developments.

To provide efficient and effective health services that promotes the health and well-being of the people.

To provide excellent diagnostic and laboratory services to the patients.

Message from HOD

Pathology occupies a central position in the academic curriculum as well as in the clinical work up of a patient, ensconed between the basic sciences and the clinically visible. Hence it is important that the right perspective of this subject be imparted to the students at all times for an effective holistic education.

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