Events & Achievements


Programmes Organised

S. No. Name of the Programme Date(s) Funding Sources Level of programme University Credit points
1. World AIDS day Observation 2010 December 1st 2010 Management Regional
2. UG Students Seminar on Applications of Microbiology in hospital practice February 9th 2011 Management Regional
3. Global hand washing day 2011 October 15th 2011 Management Regional
4. UG Integrated Teaching module on Blood stream Infections October 21st 2011 Management Regional
5. World AIDS day Observation 2011 December 1st 2011 Management Regional
6. UG Integrated Teaching on Viral Hepatitis December 3rd 2011 Management Regional
7. CME -Jenner Fest July 10th 2012 Management State
8. UG Seminar on “Dengue” Sep 27th 2012 Management Institutional
9. Science Academies First Lecture workshop on Need of understanding Neglected Tropical Diseases November 26th and 27th 2012 Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka National 20 under category III
10. World AIDS day Observation 2012 December 1st 2012 Management Regional
11. Awareness programme on Antimicrobial Resistance – a global threat March 16th 2013 Management State 5 under category III
12. Academic Carnival on Shock Aug 7th &8th 2013 Management State 10 under category II
13. National Symposium on Emerging and Reemerging viral infections August 30th and 31st 2013 ICMR, CSIR, and MCI National 15 under category II
14. UG Seminar on “Meningitis” Nov 11th 2013 Management Institutional
15. World AIDS day Observation 2013 and interactive programme for PGs on HIV/AIDS and malignancy December 2nd 2013 Management Regional
16. CME on Operation Theatre – Sterilization and Disinfection 29th March 2014 Raman and Weil Company and others State 10 under category II
17. Academic carnival & CME on Heat Shock Proteins – Antimicrobial Resistance 4th July 2014 TNSCST, Chennai State 5 under category II
18. CME on Sepsis – a global killer (a week long programme) 22nd to 26th Sept 2014 The TN Dr. MGR Medical University State 10 under category II
19. PG integrated seminar on Tuberculosis 31st March 2015 Departmental Institutional
20. PG integrated seminar on Blood borne Hepatitis


4th August 2015


Departmental Regional
21. World AIDS day Observation 2015 December 1st 2015 Management Regional
World TB DAY –Observation 2016 31st March 2016 Departmental Regional
UG Students seminar on “Immunology” 12th April 2016 Departmental Institutional
PG integrated seminar on FUO June 6th 2016 Departmental Institutional
UG Integrated seminar on “Malaria” Aug 9th 2016 Departmental Institutional
26. World AIDS day Observation 2016 December 1st 2016 Departmental Regional
27. PG integrated seminar on- “Zoonoses” July 30th 2017 Departmental Institutional
28. Guest lecture on “Turning the Tide-an update on Tuberculosis”-World TB Day 2017 March 22nd  2017 Institutional Regional
29. UG Integrated seminar on “Leprosy” June 6th 2017 Departmental Institutional
30. PG integrated seminar on-“H.pylori & Gastrointestinal diseases” June 29th 2017 Departmental Institutional
31. CME on “Dermatophytoses-Challenges ahead” –by Depts of Microbiology, DVL, IRB and MEU Sept 5th 2017 ICMR & Trichy Derma club State 5
32. UG Students seminar on “Urinary tract infections” Oct 12th 2017 Departmental Institutional
33. UG Students seminar on  “Central nervous system  infections” Oct 27th 2017 Departmental Institutional
34. UG vertical integrated seminar on “Sterilization and Disinfection” Nov 15th 2017 Departmental Institutional


  • Achievements of Prof Dr. A.Uma
    • Developed TN Dr. MGR Medical University Curriculum.
    • Copy editor for online University journal
    • Received Best Teacher Award for the year 2012- by the TN DR MGR Medical University.
    • Recognised guide for Ph.D candidates under SRM University
  • N.Prabhu Saran has received the following awards :
    • Dominic Research Fellowship Award 2013
    • Mata Saraswati memorial Best Researcher Award 2014
    • Young Scientist Award 2016
    • APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Scientific Excellence 2016
    • Excellence in Microbiology 2016
    • Emerging Medical Speaker of the year 2016
    • Best Researcher Award 2017
    • He is a recognized guide for Ph.D candidates under SRM University
  • The Department of Microbiology successfully conducted the clinical trial using Himalaya hand rubs with the sponsor and support by Himalaya drugs, India.