General Surgery

General Surgery


The Department of General Surgery is to provide the highest quality patient care, conduct innovative surgical research and offer the best Curriculum-based training for students. We have the state of art infrastructure which provides high-end Surgical ICU, Burns care, Endoscopy & Minimally access surgery suite. The strategic goals for the Department are High standards of clinical service, Efficient & effective governance structure, Responsive community engagement, High standards of Research, Teaching & Learning.

Message from HOD

The main pillars of the Department are Good standardised clinical service to the patient, Teaching & Learning, Research & standardised administration. Clinical service delivery takes most of the effort of the staff in the Department. The primary focus is to deliver Holistic Healthcare. The department is involved in undergraduate & postgraduate teaching & allied disciplines such as Theatre Nurses. Research is one of the important areas of prominence for the department. Members of staff in the department of surgery also play an active role in official structures of the institution and thereby contributing to both policy & strategy formulation.

  • Total six surgical wards(3 male & 3 female) ,Post operative ward, surgical intensive care unit (SICU);Burns ward & Trauma ward; Major & Minor OT’s.
  • Equipments: Upper and lower Gastro intestinal endoscopy & Laparoscopy, Harmonic Scalpel, Ventilators, Vessel Sealer & Stapling devices.
S.NO NAME Designation
1 Dr. P. KARTHICK Professor &HOD
3 Dr. R.MURUGAN Professor
 4 Dr.S.PADMA Professor
5 Dr.T. KARUNAHARAN Professor
6 Dr.S.VISHNU KUMAR Associate Professor
7 Dr.T.NATRAJ Associate Professor
 8 Dr.A.ZAHIR HUSSAIN Associate Professor
 9 Dr R. ANUJ SRINIVASAN Associate Professor
 10 Dr. T.K. SOWMYA Associate Professor
11 Dr.S.K.MANOJ Assistant Professor
12 Dr.B.VIGNESH Assistant Professor
13 Dr.E.MANOJ PRABHAKAR Assistant Professor
14 Dr. A. VIJAY ANAND Assistant Professor
15 Dr.A.VASANTHA RAGAVAN Assistant Professor
 16 Dr.P.ARUN KUMAR Senior Resident
17 Dr.JEROME D’SOUZA.A Senior Resident
18 Dr.M.VIJAYANAND Senior Resident
19 Dr.ABDUL RAHMAN.M.H Senior Resident
20 Dr.C. BALAMURUGAN Senior Resident
21 Dr. G.ANAND  IGNATIOUS Junior Resident
22 Dr.M.KARTHICK Junior Resident
23 Dr.R.SUBASHREE Junior Resident
24 Dr.K.BANUSHREE Junior Resident
25 Dr.S.MEENAKUMARI Junior Resident
26 Dr.R.KEERTHANA Junior Resident
27 Dr. S.A.VIGNESH M.S. Junior Resident
28 Dr.M.K. PRIYADHARSINI Junior Resident
29 Dr.S.SHANMATHI Junior Resident

Special Clinics Conducted:

  • Cardio Vascular Surgery & Thoracic Surgery
  • Urology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Surgical Gastero Enterology
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Paediatric Surgery

Publications:  (2016-2018)

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2018 (11)

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S.No Name Of The Scholor Research Topic Guide/Co-investigator & Department
1 Ms.S. Kausalya

(II nd MBBS)

Prevalence  and pattern of inguinal hernia among adult patients attending tertiary  care Hospital. Dr. S. Padma

Professor Of Surgery

2 Ms. Maalavika

Harikumar  II nd MBBS

Antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria growing on diabetic Foot Ulcer. Dr.K. Raja Chidambaram

Professor Of Surgery.

Surgibase – Basic Surgical Training Programme For Crri’s –  Every  Year – During Their Induction,It Includes

  • Ethiskills-Hands On Training-Suturing
  • Acute Abdominal Conditions
  • Basic Suture Materials & Needles
  • Basic Surgical Dressings
  • Fluid & Electrolytes
  • Trauma Life Support


  • Ug-Rapid Review Course-Every Year-December Month-1st Week-2days
  • Case Discussion
  • Osce
  • Quiz
  • Surgical Pathology,Operative Surgery Discussion.
  • 2018 – Surgibase, Op SURG, RAPI SURG , Medal Exam.
  • 2019 – Surgibase, OP SURG