Forensic Medicine – Infrastructure

Infrastructure of the Department

        The department has modern amenities with well-planned and furnished faculty rooms and office. It is equipped with state of art computers, laptops for all the faculty, internet facility, departmental research room, an outstandingly organized and displayed museum, full-time operational library, two spacious demo rooms with audio and video facilities which can comfortably seat about 90 students.

        Department has a mock court which allows the students to engage in open court debates. This familiarizes them with the court atmosphere. The students thus become confident in tackling any medico-legal issues in their clinical practice. Our department has a separate well equipped mortuary block with six bodies cold storage facility.

        There is a spacious, well ventilated practical laboratory with x- ray lobbies. There is a collection of x-rays, bones to teach the students practical skills. Besides, we have large numbers of photographs and well-displayed charts.

        Department museum has photographs and charts which are well placed and displayed. There are a number of wet specimens, models, toxicological specimens, weapons etc., Students are trained in various medico-legal scenarios with the help of these materials during practical demos.