Rural dermatological problems are bit different from urban areas. This department caters three different services (dermatology, venereology, leprology) under one umbrella. The faculty members not only conduct patient care services but also initiate preventive programs. We have a very good OPD and ward with facilities for isolating infective patients. We have an excellent side lab, well-trained technician, so that we do all the side lab procedures in dermatology, leprosy, venereology.

       We have adequate OP (more than 100 patients/ day) and IP strength (average 15- 20 patients) by which UGs and other department PGs are benefitted.


On behalf of our institution we are responsible for upgrading the academic level of all undergraduate students in the field of dermatology, venereology, leprology and to improve the therapeutic approach for the benefit of patients. We are planning to start PG courses and cosmetic dermatology courses, and skin bank.


  • To create a competent and responsible health care system in dermatology by strengthening the medical knowledge, patient services and research activities.


  • Faculties with more than decades of teaching experience
  • Well experienced lab technician with good skills to perform side- lab procedures
  • ICTC – with an efficient counsellor and trained lab technician.
  • Junior faculties to assist and take care of the patients.


  • To involve ourselves in community services through health education.
  • To involve actively in National programmes like NLEP, NACO etc.,
  • To pursue research works along with other clinical and para- clinical departments
  • To innovate newer modalities of cosmetic surgeries.
  • To strengthen the UG and PG curriculum activities, by conducting seminar and journal clubs for UGs and PGs.
  • To conduct periodical CMEs in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology.
  • To prepare the UGs and CRRIs for the competitive exams- NEET
S.No Area Exclusive Common
1 Class Rooms (demonstration) 2 5
2 Seminar Halls 0
3 Demonstration Rooms 2 2
4 Auditorium 1
5 Class rooms with ICT facility 0 5
6 Seminar Hall with ICT facility 0
7 Auditorium with ICT 1
8 Students Laboratories at Department 1 Side lab in OPD with all facilities (microscope, stains, wood’s lamp, dermoscope)
9 Minor OT to perform all day care procedures 1
9 Research Laboratories at the Department 1 Central Research Laboratory: equipped with all the instruments which are required for research purpose both for Undergraduate and postgraduate students.
10 Skill Lab 0 Hands-on training for routes of drug administration
11 Sharing or Usage of the resources of other Department 1 Yes. The department utilizes CRL  for research activities

TEACHING STAFFS Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr.N.Balasubramanian M.D.,D.D Professor & HOD
2. Dr.S.Krishnan M.D.,D.D Professor
3. Dr.S.Deivam M.D.,D.V Professor
4. Dr.R.Rajalakshmi M.D (DVL) Associate Professor
5. Dr.A.Vikram kumar M.D (DVL) Assistant Professor
6. Dr.R.S. Seethalakshmi M.B.B.S., DDVL Senior Resident
7. Dr. D.Sakunthala devi MBBS Junior Resident
8. Dr.R.Ajithkumar


MBBS Junior Resident


S.No. Name Designation
  • Total No. of Books- 120
  • Purchase of latest editions in last 3 years – 42
  • of Journals –3 Print, 21 Online Journals
  • Space –12.22 sq.mtrs
  • Equipment – Microscope, Centrifuge
  • Research projects utilizing Institutional research lab.
  • List of Publications – 16
  • of Projects ongoing – 4
  • of projects proposed- 2

 Departmental Museum (Wherever applicable).

  • Space:- 22.75 sq.mtrs
  • of specimens :- 10
  • Charts/ Diagrams. Available

Space                                                        OPD                  IPD

No. of rooms :                                          11                              23

Patient Exam. arrangement:               Adequate                Adequate

Equipments :                                       Adequate                Adequate

Teaching Space :                                Adequate                Adequate

Waiting area for patients :                  Available & Adequate space


Office space:

Department Office Office Space for Teaching Faculty
Space (Adequate) Yes/No HOD 24.40 sqm
Staff (Steno /Clerk). Yes/No Professors 24.00 sqm
Computer/ Typewriter Yes/No Associate Professors 15.00 sqm
Storage space for files Yes/No Assistant Professor 10.00 sqm
Residents 34.65 sqm


Timimg: 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.


Available beds: 40

ICU facility with 2 beds

Isolation ward  with 4 beds

Special dermatology ward with 4 individual rooms.

Special clinics:

S.N DAY SPECIAL CLINIC  2 p.m – 4 p.m
6. Saturday STD / HIV CLINIC


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A study on clinic- socio demographic profile of patients with lichen simplex chronicus in a tertiary care hospital.







Prevalence of HIV infection among Psoriasis cases








Cutaneous manifestations in patients with renal diseases- a clinical study





Dr.R.S.Seetha lakshmi


Estimation of serum vitamin D  levels in psoriasis









Clinico demographic pattern of paedrous dermatitis in a tertiary care hospital





Dr. A. G.Vikram Kumar


A study about vasculopathy in scleroderma patients
  • Tertiary level Dermatology care
  • Dermatosurgical and cosmetic procedures
    • Phototherapy
    • Laser therapy
    • Scar revision
    • Keloid treatment
    • Hair removal
    • Vitiligo procedures
    • Correction of vascular nevus
    • Platelet rich plasma therapy for hair growth
  • Laboratory diagnosis, Side lab procedures
  • Terminal care for HIV patients including counselling and screening of family members
  • Training the UG students and CRRIs for NEET exams
  • Teaching programmes UGs, nursing students
  • Interdepartmental teaching programs
  • Awareness programmes for rural population
Sl. No. Name of the Programme Date(s) Funding Sources Level of programme University Credit points
1 World AIDS day Observation 2010 December 1st 2010 Management Regional
2 World AIDS day Observation 2011 December 1st 2011 Management Regional
3 CME on Dermatology April 4th 2012 Management State
4 Third State conference of IADVL October 13th& 14th 2012 IADVL State 20 under category II
5 World AIDS day Observation 2012 December 1st 2012 Management Regional
6 World AIDS day Observation 2013 December 1st 2013 Management Regional
7 CME on HIV Care July 22nd 2014 NACO, SAATHI and TANSACS State 10 under category II
8 CME on Basics in Dermatology September 17th 2014 Management State 10 under category II
9 World AIDS day Observation 2014 December 1st 2014 Management Regional
10 World AIDS day Observation 2015 December 1st 2015 Management Regional
11 World Psoriasis Day Observation 2015 October 29th 2015 Management Regional
12 World vitiligo day 2016 June 25th 2016 Management Regional
13 Dermazone South, Cuticon TN 2016 October 7th to 9th IADVL TamilNadu State 20 under category II
14 World Psoriasis Day Observation 2016 October 29th 2016 Management Regional
15 World AIDS day  2016 December 1st 2016 Management Regional
16 World Leprosy Day 2017 January 30th 2017 Management Regional
17 World vitiligo day 2017 June 25th  2017 Management Regional
18 CME On Basics in Dermatology July 8th 2017 Management Regional
19 World psoriasis day 2017 Oct 29 2017 Management Regional
20 World AIDS day  2017 December 1st 2017 Management Regional
21 World Leprosy Day 2018 January 30th 2018 Management Regional
22 World vitiligo day 2018 June 25th  2018 Management Regional
23 World psoriasis day  2018 Oct 29 2018 Management Regional
24 World AIDS day  2018 December 1st 2018 Management Regional
25 World Leprosy Day 2019 January 30th 2019 Management Regional
26 World vitiligo day 2019 June 25th  2019 Management Regional
  • A 25  year female presented with multiple purpuric skin lesions all over the lower limbs and healed wound on the left axilla. After 2 days skin lesions resolved completely. But the blood investigations showed leucopenia / neutropenia. Physician opinion obtained and 3 doses of GMCSF were given. Bone marrow biopsy done. Biopsy from the axillary node taken and sent for HPE to R/O tuberculosis. Then the patient was referred to get haematologist opinion. Imp: primary immunodeficiency disorder. Adv: To continue GMCSF further for 4 weeks.
  • A 52 year female came with complaints of asymptomatic skin lesions in both the elbows for more than one year. routine investigations done. Biopsy from the lesion revealed sarcoid granuloma. On furthur evaluating her, pulmonary involvement was identified and explained. Chest physician opinion obtained and his orders were followed. Imp: Sarcoidosis with cutaneous and pulmonary involvement