Anatomy – Research & Publications



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  • S.D.Nalainakumari-Profeesor and Head
  1. ACT evaluative study of pneumatisation of paranasal air sinuses and its association with mastoid air cells aeration.
  2. An anatomical study of pattern of distribution of juncturae tendinum of hand.


  • C. Gnanavelraja – Associate Professor
  1. 1. Anatomy and its variants of Osteomeatal complex in cadaveric specimen.
  2. Frontal recess anatomy in patients with frontal sinusitis – A retrospective radiological study.
  3. Identification of Different Body Postures in Stance: Correlate with Personality Trait- A Cross Sectional Study.
  4. The relationship between parenting styles and academic achievement of school going children – A Questionnaire study


  • Umapathy sembian– Associate Professor
  1. A study to ascertain the effects of blood pressure after using toothpaste containing salt.
  2. A study to assess the KAP of Ethics amongst medical professionals



  • E.Kamal– Associate Professor
  1. Does respect to cadaver influence the body donation practice among medical students?
  2. Dimensions of storage tanks and the impediment of retrieving cadavers for dissection classes in Anatomy – a multicentric study.


  • K.Subsshini – Tutor
  1. Attitiude towards cadaver dissection amongst south Indian medical students.
  2. A computerized tomographic study of pneumatisation of lateral recess of sphenoid sinus.


  • P.Sankar Ganesh – Postgraduate (2ndyear)
  1. Immunohistochemistry of matrix metalloproteinase expression in chronologically heterogeneous knee articular cartilage & meniscus.
  2. Radiomorphological study of trochlea & sulucs angle of knee joints.
  3. An analysis of thoracolumbar vertebral pedicle morphology with dimensions of commercially available pedicle instrumentation.


  • M.Rajesh Kumar – Postgraduate (2ndyear)
  1. Immunohistochemistry of tissue expression of matrix metalloproteinase in fetal and adult cornea.
  2. A magnetic resonance study of synovial plica in knee joint.
  3. Radiological study of AHEA (acromio humeral edge angle) and sourcil sign .