Pharmacology – Infrastructure

Infrastructure of the Department

     The department is equipped with state of the art infrastructure. The department has an Experimental Pharmacology lab and a clinical Pharmacology lab, which is furnished with  various equipments like Spectroscope ,U-V spectrophotometer, Spirometer, Distillation apparatus, Deionizer, Flame Photometer, Multimeter, Vaccum pressure pump,, Chemical balance-sensitive, Plethysmograph, Pneumograph, Hot plate, Actophotometer, Rota rod,Electro-convulsiometer, Cook’s pole climbing apparatus, Histamine chamber etc  in a fully functional state, fulfilling the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate teachings norms as per the MCI and the Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.  Trained personnel to operate and rectify the errors are also available. With the aid of such infrastructure, the department aims to explore novel avenues in clinical research, so that new molecules will be discovered in the long run, which will serve to treat the community suffering from long standing diseases which are difficult to cure by conventional means.